Date FoaledBreeding
5/8/21Ace High/Coasting colt
19/8/21Niagara/Trail Blazer filly
21/8/21Roc de Cambes/Octave colt
23/8/21Darci Brahma/Sleek Secret filly
24/8/21Dundeel/Fastnet Lady colt
25/8/21Roc de Cambes/Innovation colt
30/8/21Roc de Cambes/Show Up colt
31/8/21Niagara/Justa Secret filly
3/9/21 Darci Brahma/Flying Firebird colt
4/9/21So You Think/Aurora Lights filly
6/9/21Darci Brahma/Double Image colt
7/9/21Niagara/Miss Jaydeejay colt (client owned)
9/9/21Niagara/Little Stevie filly (client owned)
9/9/21Darci Brahma/Magic Briar filly (client owned)
12/9/21Eminent/Fixation filly
12/9/21Reliable Man/Revise filly
14/9/21Proisir/Powerful Story colt
15/9/21Ten Sovereigns/Moon Tide filly
24/9/21Blue Point/Paint The Town colt
26/9/21Vadamos/Animate filly
26/9/21Vancouver/Evana Rahma filly
27/9/21Ten Sovereigns/Chant filly
29/9/21Darci Brahma/Surreptitiously colt
1/10/21Darci Brahma/Leica Lady filly 
4/10/21Reliable Man/Ultraviolet filly
5/10/21Darci Brahma/She's Divine colt
7/10/21Niagara/Sentebale filly (client owned)
8/10/21Ten Sovereigns/Spring Cheer filly
9/10/21Ace High/Nocturnal filly
18/10/21Magna Grecia/So Lyrical filly
19/10/21Magna Grecia/Reminisce colt
19/10/21Eminent/Upstaged colt
21/10/21Niagara/Snowmobeel filly
23/10/21Ribchester/Cape Tycoon colt 
25/10/21American Pharoah/Away Cruising colt
25/10/21Reliable Man/Repeat filly
27/10/21Darci Brahma/Smoulder filly
30/10/21Darci Brahma/Ave Maria filly
30/10/21Darci Brahma/Morris Lass filly (client owned)
31/10/21Darci Brahma/Snipza Gold filly (client owned)
2/11/21Reliable Man/Recollect colt 
3/11/21Sweynesse/Blanket Bay filly
3/11/21Proisir/Likeyourstyle filly
8/11/21Almanzor/Sea Goddess filly
10/11/21Belardo/Southern Sunset colt
30/11/21Ten Sovereigns/Artistic colt
9/12/21Darci Brahma/Anna Kaye colt (client owned)

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