Date Foaled

17/8/23   Darci Brahma/Tavi Hunter filly (client owned)

23/8/23  Darci Brahma/Sleek Secret filly 

27/8/23  Darci Brahma/Front Page filly (client owned)

27/8/23  Roc de Cambes/Show Up filly

31/8/23  Darci Brahma/Ave Maria colt

5/9/23    Eminent/Trail Blazer filly

6/9/23   Tarzino/London Bound colt (client owned)

6/9/23   Almanzor/Sea Goddess filly

6/9/23  Darci Brahma/Seven Seas filly

8/9/23  U S Navy Flag/Epiphany colt

13/9/23 Almanzor/Artistic filly

13/9/23 Time Test/Star Of Kamada filly (client owned)

19/9/23 Wotton Bassett/Sancta colt (client owned)

20/9/23 Darci Brahma/Shirley Maude filly (client owned)

21/9/23 Astern/Feuilla colt (client owned)

24/9/23 Darci Brahma/Giant Hunter colt (client owned)

24/9/23 Eminent/Justa Secret colt 

24/9/23 Ardrossan/The High Line filly (client owned)

25/9/23 U S Navy Flag/Hayley Ann filly (client owned)

28/9/23 U S Navy Flag/Safaniya colt (client owned)

29/9/23 Ace High/Away Cruising colt 

30/9/23 U S Navy Flag/Powerful Story filly

30/9/23 Pierro/Repeat colt 

1/10/23  Embellish/Angeline colt (client owned)

1/10/23  Vanbrugh/Lady Blanco colt (client owned)

1/10/23 Niagara/Little Stevie colt (client owned)

3/10/23 Hello Youmzain/Irish Dream colt (client owned)

7/10/23 Ardrossan/Heartfelt colt (client owned)

11/10/23 U S Navy Flag/Dark Arts filly (client owned)

11/10/23 U S Navy Flag/Revise filly 

Darci Brahma/Tavi Hunter 23 filly


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